Onsite vs Over the Phone Interpreting

Interpreter over site

Onsite vs Over the Phone Interpreting

We now live in a world where the success of your business is likely to depend on language services. The increase in cultural diversity, instant global communication, and technology has made translation and interpreting services a necessity. However, there are many different types of interpretation services. Among them, face to face interpreting and telephone interpreting. You might probably wonder which one is the best for you. The fact is that each type of interpreter service has its advantages and disadvantages.

Onsite Interpreting

This is one of the most common types of interpreting services. It requires the interpreter to be present in order to facilitate communication. This type of interpreting suits best for events like lectures, conferences, foreign tour groups or business delegations. The interpretation could be for a more extended period, and many people tend to appreciate the presence of an on-site interpreter. During a conversation the interpreter can easily sense if the client shows signs of confusion and can seek clarification on the spot.

The biggest downside of onsite interpretation is the logistics and high price tag. On some occasions you will find that no interpreters are available in your area. When available they may charge up to $300 per hour or fraction. Also remember that you will need to cover their lodging and travel expenses. If this sounds like too much, your best fit is probably over the phone interpreters.

Over the Phone Interpreting

With this type of service, an interpreter facilitates the conversation between parties while on the phone. Over the phone interpreting services have agents available all day, every day. Most providers support several language combinations. Another advantage is that you don’t have to schedule before calling.

The process is fairly simple. You call a phone number and provide your access code and the language that is required. The customer service agent will connect you with an interpreter in a matter of seconds. The caller speaks to the interpreter in his or her preferred language and the interpreter renders a faithful translation to other party and vice versa.

Over the Phone interpreting is very useful when focusing on financian and time efficiency. With this service you don’t have to be in the same location as the other party. You can make and receive calls all around the world on – demand in a matter of seconds.

You can reach out if you are still unsure of which service is best for you and our team will be glad to walk you through making the decision.




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